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Biographie Peng Guilan shouted, "Are you really a Qingshan guest?" Dong Kun shouted angrily: "plot against uncle, you are a villain..." Dong Ye Kun picked them up one by one and went to the outdoor courtyard. He put them down and said, "All right, let's fight!" Peng Guilan was too calculating. "Count me in," she said. Dong Ye Kun went into the room again and brought her out. Wang Daji and others followed closely and asked Dongye Kun to kill the three men and not to be fooled into fighting with them. In order to dispel the Escorts' fear of the Golden Dragon Society, Dongye Kun deliberately showed his skill, so he came to a pair of three. "I'll fight with you three," he said. "I'll decide life and death by my martial arts. But there's one thing. I can only fight but not run away. I can't run away even if I want to." Dong Kun scolds: "Smelly boy, you boast what mouth, uncle one person can take you account!" "The three of you stand shoulder to shoulder," said Dongye Kun. "I'll wait with you. Remember, don't run away." He raised his hand on the three people in turn, and the acupoint was solved. Dong Kun immediately pulled out the nine-ring knife, choked with a clanging sound, a knife slanted, Dongye Kun dodged, Dong Lei immediately swept away the knife at the waist, Dongye Kun dodged again, and did not parry with his arms. Peng Guilan looked on coldly and wanted to let the Dong brothers try Dongye Kun's skill first. If he blocked the knife with his arm, then the boy would really be a Qingshan guest, and she would slip away. If the boy is a fake, she will get even with Wang Daji. After five rounds, she saw the boy running here and there. He was in such a hurry that he didn't dare to block him with his arms. She giggled and said,wire nail machine manufacturers, "Boy, you pull the flag to make a tiger skin and pretend to be a Qingshan guest to scare people. My aunt will do you first, and then find Wang Daji's bad luck!" Dong Ye Kun pretended to be flustered in order to lead her to make a move. He wanted to subdue Wang Daji and his team with a pair of three. Peng Guilan, with a lancet in the heart of Dongye Kun, cooperated with Erdong to attack from three sides. "Banshee," said Dongye Kun, "I'm just waiting for you to take the bait. With a pair of threes, it looks like you're capable." "Don't be crazy,Nail machine manufacturer, boy," Dong Lei cursed. "Second Master will split you alive.." Words did not finish, the knife has been cut head-on, I saw the east wild Kun suddenly raised his left arm, right hand suddenly stretched out a pinch of his wrist, a big fellow is like a pile of mud on the ground. At the same time, Dong Kun Dao was slanting over, and Dong Ye Kun threw his left arm down, just blocking the blade, only to hear a "oh" sound, the nine-ring Dao was shaken out and flew sideways into the wing. Peng Guilan at this time in the face of Dongye Kun behind, a knife is cut out, Dongye Kun is dealing with two Dong, see a knife success, but in the interval when the body forward a lean to avoid. Peng Guilan had already recognized that it was indeed a Qingshan guest from the other side's blocking frame. She couldn't help but be scared out of her wits. How dare she make another move? She hurriedly raised her breath and stamped her feet. She flew up to the house. In a flash, she was blocked by someone. She recognized that it was Fu Zhengting, that is, Automatic nail machine ,Coil Nail Making Machine, Lei Xiao, the owner of Lei Jiapu, who had infiltrated the undercover of Renyong Hall. She was so frightened that she ran obliquely into the thorn again. Lei Xiao Peng Guilan wanted to seize the road and walk, raised a knife to cut Lei Xiao, Lei Xiao raised a flute to block, only to hear a "when", the lancet was shaken out of the hand, startled "oh", Lei Xiao a flute point on the ventricle, immediately spurted blood from the house. By this time Dongye Kun had already brought Dong Kun under control. When he saw Lei Xiao coming down from the room, he said, "Brother Lei, these two men also went to Leijiapu to commit murder, but they were the real murderers of Zhang Shanren. What should we do?" "Leave it to Elder Pi and Brother Yanli," said Lei Xiao. "As long as the two thieves give their heads, they will be avenged." Wang Daji and other Escorts were convinced of their martial arts, and their fear of the Golden Dragon Society was reduced by more than half. At that moment, the Escort Gang cleaned up Peng Guilan's body and sent someone to invite Pi Huaizhi, Zhang Yanli and others to come over. Knowing that the time had come, they scolded him endlessly and were beheaded by Zhang Yanli. They hastily set up an incense table and knelt down to offer sacrifices to my father's soul. In the evening, the Escort Gang carried the bodies of the three people to the outside of the city and buried them. They agreed that as long as Zhongwutang sent someone again, those who could be caught would be caught, and those who could not be caught would be dealt with by Dongye Kun and others, and no one would be allowed to leave. Apart from the three devils, everyone was in a good mood. During the meeting at noon, Lei Xiao said, "Although the Golden Dragon Society has attracted the two devils of Tiankui, there are only second- and third-rate people left in the Zhongwu Hall. The few people in the Renyong Hall are not afraid. Why don't we go straight to the lair of the General Altar and deal with the father and son of the Xi family?".
” "There are the Three Gentlemen of the Eastern Mountains at the General Altar," said Ru Yu. "If the Four Venerable Rouge were also there, I'm afraid it wouldn't be easy to deal with." "Where is the Hall of Loyalty and Martial Arts?" Said Lou Jing. "It's better to destroy the branch hall first, and then attack the General Altar." "Even Qin Yuxiong doesn't know where Bi Zhenshan and his men live," said Liang Gongbai. "Why don't you destroy Renyong Hall first?" Everyone was in favor of destroying the Renyong Hall first, saying that it was called "breaking one of its arms", and then went all out to attack the General Altar, stirring him up. Lang Ge listened to everyone's decision and said faintly, "Qin Yuxiong is the heir of the Wind and Fire Sword Skill. He is the brother of Brother Dongye and me. Please wait a moment. Let the two of us persuade him to rein in at the brink of the precipice." Zhang Yanli said, "What kind of person is Qin Yuxiong? Can I listen to your advice? I'm really surprised that you still don't give up!" "I hate him so much," said Lang Ge, "but Shifu is looking forward to his success. Now that Shifu has passed away, I want to do my best for him.." Rucheng said, "Your master has spent countless painstaking efforts for the benefactor Qin, hoping that he will inherit the mantle. Unexpectedly, the benefactor Qin has gone astray and failed to live up to the wishes of your master. The benefactor Lang should do his last effort for the master. But Qin Yuxiong has been deeply trapped. The benefactor Lang has gone. I'm afraid it's not good for the benefactor." "Brother Dongye has long been an enemy of him," said Zhang Yanli. "He's a ruthless man who doesn't recognize his relatives. He won't have a good result even if he goes. Maybe he wants to catch you two and repay them." "Then I'll go alone," said Lang Ge. "It's really dangerous for Elder Martial Brother Dongye to go, and Elder Martial Brother hates him." "Younger Martial Sister," said Dongye Kun, "Qin Yuxiong has no liver or lungs. He doesn't care about Shifu's kindness. Even if you spend all your time talking, it's useless. Don't go." "Second Elder Martial Brother," said Lang Ge, "don't think I'm expecting Elder Martial Brother to turn around. I know he's fickle, but I'm just going to do my best for Shifu for the last time to repay him for his upbringing. Otherwise,Nail machine manufacturer, I'll always feel unworthy of Shifu's soul." "I see," said Dongye Kun. "I'll go with Younger Martial Sister." "It's best for Brother Dongye to go with Miss Lang," said Lei Xiao. "How about we go with a few more people?" 。 
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