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Biographie Li Zheng moved his shoulder. The bone clicked twice. He put his arm on the ground and lay back. He looked at the little finger, which was pulling the wild flowers down. He smiled and grabbed her hand and said, "If you move again, your hair will be loose again." The wind was hot, and there was a peculiar earthy smell in the air before the rain, which made people dizzy. For a long time, Li Zheng looked at Zhou Yan's dry clothes and said, "Let's go." "Mmm." The two hands were still holding until Xinxin was called back. Xinxin had a good time today. On the way back, she ran two steps in front of her and walked backwards. She said loudly, "Uncle Li, why don't you wear clothes?" Li Zheng swept the T-shirt in his hand in front of her nose and covered half of his face in an exaggerated way: "It stinks! It smells like sweat!" Li Zheng simply put the T-shirt on her head and said, "Hold it for me." Xinxin pulled it down and threw it in front of her in disgust. She turned around and ran away, giggling, "No, it stinks!" Smiling, Li Zheng put his clothes on his shoulders and slowed down his pace, with two shadows at his feet, one behind the other, overlapping from time to time. Back on the boat, Zhou Yan took a bath first, she was just ready to take off her clothes, her hand paused, returned to the mirror, and turned her head sideways. The light bulb in the bathroom was low in wattage,pipe fittings manufacturer, the light was dim, and there was a touch of green in the middle of the black hair. On the green, there was a pink and white five-petal wild flower, a very small one, only as big as her fingernail. Zhou Yan quietly looked at himself in the mirror. The door of toilet opened, Li Zheng says: "Good?" "Mmm." Zhou Yan, with wet hair, said with a washbasin, "I'm going to hang clothes." "Go." Someone had just taken a shower and there was the scent of shower gel in the bathroom. There was still a small half of the cheap shower gel left. Li Zheng stood in the bathtub,brass tube fitting, flushed the water, squeezed some at the same time, and wiped it on his head and body at random. The foam flowed into his eyes. He flushed the water. When he opened it, he vaguely saw the mushrooms on the window frame. He touched it. It was. Not long ago, after she cleaned up, the mushrooms were gone, and only a few days later, they grew out again, and the vitality of the fungi was so strong. Li Zheng thought for a moment, but he took all these off and threw them directly out of the window. After taking a shower in three minutes as usual, he lifted his clothes and trousers in the water by the way. When he came out, Zhou Yan had not yet entered the house. When he opened the door, he saw that the man was standing on the deck looking at the sky, with a clothes hanger beside him. Li Zheng went out and said, "What are you looking at?" Zhou Yan looked back, "will it rain?" "Not necessarily." "That dress has to be taken in." Li Zheng shook out the wet clothes and hung them up to say, stainless steel tube fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, "Stand for a long time and think about whether to collect the clothes or not?"? Let it be wet when it is wet, and it will be dry when the sun comes out. Zhou Yan was speechless to the man's carelessness. "I have to wash in the water again after the rain." "Is it a trouble?" "How many minutes did it take you to wash your clothes?" Li Zheng raised his eyebrows: "One point?" "How long does it take to collect clothes?" Li Zheng smiled: "a few seconds." Zhou Yan said, "What's the trouble with one minute at most?"? Either hang it inside or wash it again, or choose both ways. If you listen to me, you can save fifty seconds. Li Zheng held the clothes hanger and laughed. Zhou Yan was startled and his face was hot. "What's so funny?" Li Zheng took her by the shoulder, pulled her over, kissed her on the mouth, and said with a smile, "This eloquence should be a teacher." Zhou Yan lowered his head slightly. The clothes were hung out and the lights were turned off. Zhou Yan lay on the bed and pressed his cell phone. It was still early. She stayed for a while, pressed it again before the screen of the mobile phone went dark, touched the desk above, and soon touched it. Small grass hair circle on the screen, like a light, light also opened a fingernail big flower, Zhou Yan dialed it, silently counting in her heart, one petal, two petals, three petals, four petals, five petal, the light is getting dark, she pressed the button again, the breeze blew from the window, sent in a few drops of rain. Outside, Li Zheng sat at the head of the bed and closed the window. After closing it, he glanced at the room behind him. When he heard the sound of closing the window, he leaned back again and sat until midnight, when he was sleepy and closed his eyes.
The light rain did not last long, and the next day, the air was still sultry. Zhou Yan took Xinxin on the bus, got off and walked for seven or eight minutes to the air-raid shelter. The air-raid shelter was open to the public at 7:30. They came early, and there were only two or three old people inside. Sitting for a while, the number of people gradually increased, most of them were old people with children, and the noise became louder and louder. Old people play chess and chat, but the children, the children almost lifted the hole, a few old people who did not bring their children inevitably complained. A child was so sleepy that he slept on the table and hugged his arm. The parents said to the people on the side, "I'll go back and get a blanket. You help me watch it." Just said, the side suddenly handed a blanket, a little girl said: "Blanket rent?"? Two yuan an hour. The bus costs four yuan to go back and forth, the children sleep for an hour at most, and it's a good deal to rent blankets. Zhou Yan took two yuan and asked the old man who was scolding the child: "Do you want to see the child?"? For five yuan before noon, I can tell stories to my children and teach them Pinyin and English. Zhou Yan spread out the English textbook and the university admission notice in front of each other. After a while, Zhou Yan's desk was surrounded by more than a dozen children. On the dock, Li Zhenggan worked until noon, sweating like rain. He lifted his clothes and wiped his face. Then he wiped his neck down. He caught the cigarette thrown by Uncle Liu and bit it and said, "It's almost done." "Then you'll leave after dinner?" Li Zheng glanced at the sun overhead. "Well, if you don't hurry up, it's too late." Old Uncle Liu said, "Why haven't they come back since they've been there for so long?" "Soon." Li Zheng looked back and looked into the distance. After a while, he wiped his neck with his clothes and said,tube fitting manufacturer, "Coming." From far to near, one big and one small gradually came into the sunshine. Xinxin ran into Uncle Liu's arms and shouted, "Dad!" Old Uncle Liu picked her up with a smile and touched her forehead. "You're all sweaty. I think you're going to play crazily these two days!" 。 
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