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Biographie It is better to meet than to be famous. Now the twists and turns finally saw the strength of the combination of deep and shallow magic, he believed that the so-called legend was not exaggerated, everything is true! Think about it With the strength of a golden fighter as powerful as freedom, he is still made fun of by the combination of deep and shallow magic, and then trapped in a confined space. When the time comes, the combination of deep and shallow magic will perform a powerful and powerful magic outside, not to mention easily solving a golden fighter, when the time comes, I'm afraid it's more than enough to solve 12 in one breath in the same way. Of course, that has to be solved one by one, if the gold fighters rush up, even if it is two gold fighters, there will be no one in the world to solve them! Gold fighter twists and turns, the first time I thought of myself. If freedom is replaced by oneself, what are the chances of winning against the combination of deep and shallow magic? Even the strength of freedom can not escape from the hands of the combination of deep and shallow magic, let alone their own. The odds should be zero! The golden fighter thought bitterly in his tortuous heart. 。 No, we should find a way to solve this problem. I will never allow the existence of forces that threaten me in this world! Think of this In fact,lutein eye complex, the tortuous heart of the gold fighter has already moved to kill. Now I know very well that there is a best chance to kill the combination of deep and shallow magic, because the combination of deep and shallow magic seems to be held back by the free magic energy, and I can't get away. At this time, as long as I come forward and give them a golden fighting spirit, it's easy to kill them. But now in front of so many silver fighters here, and there are so many spectators, if you do it like this,best green coffee bean extract, it will be bad for your reputation in the future. Although his reputation in the 12 Golden Fighters has been very bad, he is not allowed to be described as a mean person by others. We have to find a way to kill this combination of deep and shallow magic silently. Among the 12 Golden Fighters, the fighting spirit of the Golden Snake is undoubtedly the most mysterious. Its operation mode, its special attack ability and unexpected attack direction are undoubtedly second to none. This twist is very confident. Other gold fighting spirit may not be silent, but the tortuous gold fighting spirit can absolutely be silent and silent, which is the best way to kill people invisibly. However, with such a strong strength of twists and turns, there is no need to engage in a silent and silent killing, on the contrary, twists and turns think that when killing, but also to create a terrible effect, so as to foil the cold-blooded and cruel golden snake! But this time is an exception, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, because this time to deal with people are not ordinary people! Since they are not ordinary people, of course, they can not use ordinary methods. Golden fighters are not foolish enough to challenge the combination of deep and shallow magic directly, because the appearance of freedom trapped in front of them is the best example. If you fight head-on with the combination of deep and shallow magic, you can only be slaughtered by them. So it seems that it is inevitable to make secret moves! Even a gentleman. Sometimes also can come a move Yin, not to mention my twists and turns? Thinking of this, twists and turns began to gather fighting spirit in the dark, but on the surface, no one can see the idle twists and turns at this time, his body is surging with a strong golden fighting spirit! The twists and turns slowly put the powerful fighting spirit into the air. And then slowly control it with consciousness so that it will not spread into the air. When the solidification is stable, the twists and turns will input the gold fighting gas into the air again, and then merge with the gold fighting gas in the air before, and then make it stable. So over and over again, finally in the case of other people do not know, to create a super gold fighting spirit! In the spirit of the golden snake, there is a move called "like a shadow". Originally, this move belongs to the golden snake body method, but it can also be used to control the fighting spirit.
The twists and turns are to use this move "like a shadow" to beat the golden fighting spirit to the shallow swallow! Why is the target of the attack shallow Xiaoyan? ? In fact, the reason is very simple, because the twists and turns to hear Shen yuan said, the creation of imprisonment space is shallow Xiaoyan! What twists and turns fear most is the confinement space. If you kill the shallow swallow, then no one can trap themselves. But things are often unexpected, just when he thought he was about to succeed, Shen yuan found this huge golden snake fighting spirit. He even tried to use his own magic to resist! The twists and turns are naturally not so silly. He used his fighting spirit to make it go around in a circle, deliberately avoiding Shen yuan, and the target was still Qian Xiaoyan. But Shen yuan was haunted and immediately followed him. Because this "shadow" is too difficult to control. In addition, the distance between the two sides is close, so the whole move of "following each other like a shadow" has been confirmed by Shen yuan. Although some regret, did not kill shallow Xiaoyan, but depends on the situation, Shen yuan ate me such a strong move, it is estimated that a moment to hang up, deep and shallow magic combination disappeared, leaving a shallow Xiaoyan, it is not afraid. Thinking of this, the gold fighter twists and turns secretly relieved. And this time it can be said that it was done badly and neatly, although it was in full view of the public, it was still undetected! At that moment, a voice suddenly sounded in my ear: "Why did you do that?" A zigzag turn of the head is freedom! "Why do this?"? I don't know what you're talking about! I know the twists and turns are pretending to be confused! I can see the whole process clearly. 。 I even saw how the tortuous golden fighting spirit hurt Shen yuan! "You know it in your heart. Do you want me to point it out?"? I have enough magic energy in my body now,ghana seed extract, but after the torture of the confinement space, I am almost better, so now I have the spirit to take care of this matter. 
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